The Top 10 Ways We’re Keeping our Employees Safe During COVID

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In the midst of a global pandemic it’s hard to go back to business as usual. At Canine to Five our top priority has always been safety, but we have since focused on increasing our efforts to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and community against airborne germs like COVID-19. Our leadership team has worked very hard on our COVID response plan, and we are very proud to share that with you. (Shout out to the Small Business Association for providing us with a template!) Keep reading to learn the top 10 ways we are keeping our staff and clients safe during this uncertain time.

1. Providing PPE

Canine to Five has made face masks required for both our staff and clients when coming within 6 feet of another person. Face masks have been provided to our staff, and are available in our lobbies for clients who may not have their own. In addition to face masks, we also have gloves and face shields on hand.

2. Client Education

We have been able to provide several resources for pet owners on how to better prepare and take care of their furry friends during quarantine. Check out these blog posts below!

3. Staff Health Screening

Before each shift, employees are required to go through health screening. Our Managers are asking questions about the employee’s recent travels and any symptoms they may be experiencing. Staff members will be asked to self quarantine for at least 14 days before returning to work if a fever or any symptoms are noted.

4. Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

Considering we’re a doggy daycare and deal with poop and pee all day, our cleaning protocols were already pretty amazing, but now we are ensuring touch points and surfaces are not only cleaned thoroughly, but multiple times throughout the day.

5. Safety Stations

We have set up safety stations in our lobbies and around our facility that include gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and paper towel. These stations make it possible for both clients and staff to always have access to important sanitation items.

6. Social Distancing

Thankfully, both of our facilities are very large, so our Pack Leaders have been able to spread out and have their own playrooms, our groomers have spread out and even split up into two separate rooms, and our lobbies and sidewalks has plenty of space to allow 6 foot floor markers.

7. No Longer Storing Belongings

A big change for us and our clients is our no more belongings rule. This rule means we are no longer storing any collars, leashes, or harnesses. In an effort to limit exchanging items back and forth, we have asked clients to keep their belongings, and we have even shifted to digital report cards instead of paper!

8. More Customer Portal Support

To encourage our clients to pay online, we have provided new video tutorials that walk you through each step, from your first time logging on, to scheduling reservations and paying.

9. No More Sharing

Sharing is caring, but in today’s world, we’d like to prevent unnecessary swapping. While our staff can still socialize from a safe distance, we have removed the use of communal cups, plates, and silverware, staff have their own designated walkie talkies, and breaks are to be taken outside or in a vehicle. (If you’d like to bring our staff some goodies, please make sure they are single servings!)

10. New Lobby Experience

Canine to Five has introduced a new lobby system where only 2 clients may enter at a time, their dog is placed into a kennel and their collar & leash is removed, then our staff waits for the client to leave before leashing the dog with a slip lead and taking them to their playgroup.

We hope everywhere you go puts as much effort into their safety plan as our leadership team! Canine to Five is now open for all services. If you’re new to the pack, fill out our New Client Inquiry Form! We can’t wait to see all of our four-legged (& two-legged) friends back again.

Looking for a full-time job with dogs? See Canine to Five’s available positions below!

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