Our webcams are a great way for our customers to see their dogs in action while in group play. Stay connected to your pup and watch them have the time of their life during their visit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access your webcams?

We’re happy to be one of the few metro Detroit dog daycares with webcams. Our webcams are available to any customer who has a dog attending group play that day. Webcams are available Mon - Fri 6:15am-8:00pm, and Saturday from 8:00am-6:00pm.  You can access the webcams on our Customer Portal. Simply log in, then navigate to Photo/Video > Live Webcams. From here, you will select the playroom your dog spends their day in.

Why can't I see my dog?

Each dog is assigned to a different group playroom at Canine to Five. Whether your dog is in Tiny Town, our Puppy Preschool, the Serenity Pack, Playroom 1 or 2, will depend on your dog’s age, size, and playstyle. If you’re unsure which room your dog is in, ask our desk team via our Midtown Detroit email, Eastside Detroit email, Ferndale email or Commerce email address (please note: We do not have webcams in our Pawsitive Enrichment area).

If you already know which group your dog should be in, but still cannot find them, they are most likely taking a nap in one of our climate-controlled rooms. We utilize breaks at Canine to Five to help regulate our pack’s energy and to help dogs decompress if they’re feeling overstimulated by all of the fun that’s going on. You can check back in an hour or so once they’ve returned from their break to watch them mingle with their friends.

Why is my dog doing that?

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell what your dog is doing or why they’re doing it from the live cam. They could be playing, napping, or walking on leash with a Pack Leader, and you may wonder why. When you pick up your dog today, you will have the opportunity to ask our Pack Supervisor any questions you may have. If you notice your dog wearing something unusual, check out these descriptions of our canine positive reinforcement tools.

Why can't I get the live cam to work?

If you are trying to access the cameras from work, your employer could be blocking video streaming. Try disconnecting from the wifi and accessing the cameras from your phone. Another tip is to select the Large View button on the camera and that usually does the trick! If you are still having issues, please send us an email at our Midtown Detroit email, Eastside Detroit email, Ferndale email or Commerce email and our desk team will work to resolve any issues.

Do I have to email you with questions about the webcams?

For the safety of our dogs, and for staffing purposes, we ask that you refrain from calling about webcams and instead, please review the FAQs provided and email if you have additional questions.