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Each month Canine To Five offers promotions and events for dogs and their pet parents to enjoy. From photoshoots to savings, there is something for everyone! All off-site events are open to the public; You do not have to be a client to join us. Sales and photoshoots are for our dog daycare, dog boarding, and dog grooming clients in Commerce Township, Detroit, and Ferndale, MI. Email us a to learn more!


Take a look at all of the fun things we have in store for you & your pup in December!

  • Kong of the Month Flavor | Puppuccino (Milkbones & Whipped Cream)
  • Spa Day Package Giveaway | Earn an entry for each day you visit to win a free Spa Day Package for your dog!
  • December 3rd | Eastside Indoor Playdate
  • December 4th, 11th, & 18th | Monday Funday! Mondays are 25% off Daycare!
  • December 11th & 15th | Pictures with the Grinch (Reservations required!)
  • December 15th – 31st | The Holiday Feast (Boarding reservation required)
  • December 17th | Detroit Riverfront Pack Walk
  • December 17th | Commerce Indoor Playdate
  • December 24th | Milk & Cookies with Santa (Boarding reservation required)
  • December 31st | New Year’s Eve Treat & Tuck-in (Boarding reservation required)


Take a look at all of the fun things we have in store for you & your pup in November!

  • Kong of the Month Flavor | Pumpkin Pie (Pumpkin & Whipped Cream)
  • Holiday Haircut Giveaway | Earn an entry for each day you visit to win a free salon visit for your dog!
  • November 5th | Eastside Indoor Playdate
  • November 6th, 13th, 20th, &27th | Monday Funday! Mondays are 25% off Daycare!
  • November 13th – 17th | Pictures with Santa (Reservations required!)
  • November 19th | Detroit Riverfront Pack Walk
  • November 19th | Commerce Indoor Playdate

There are also various days with discounts available, ask our front desk team for more information!


(From last month’s photoshoot!)

Services Available Daily

While your pup is enjoying their day of play, there are many different ways you can enhance their stay!


The Snack Bar

  • Stuffed Kongs – $4 each or 10 for $30! Assorted flavors include:
    • Peanut Butter Kong stuffed with yummy peanut butter.
    • Pumpkin Kong stuffed with pure canned pumpkin; Great for sensitive tummies and helps promote healthy coats!
    • Kong of the Month stuffed with creative, pup-safe ingredients that change each month!
  • Protein Power Bowls$6 for chicken, $5 for veggie, or 10 for $50!
    • Chicken Power Bowl with shredded chicken, pumpkin, & rice served in a slow feeder.
    • Vegetarian Power Bowl with pumpkin & rice served in a slow feeder.


Private Play Activity Sessions

Activity session are all $5 for Private Play guests. Choose from:

  • Cuddle Sessions
    Everyone needs a hug every now and then! We’ll spend some snuggling time together.
  • Enrichment Games
    Enrichment games are mentally stimulating food puzzles that can tire a dog out quicker than any physical exercise.
  • Fetch
    Does your dog LOVE to fetch? This activity helps dogs burn off that extra energy and rest easy in their enclosure.
  • Flirt Pole
    Does your dog LOVE to chase? This activity helps dogs burn off that extra energy and and rest easy in their enclosure.
  • Muscle & Paw Massage
    Perfect for dogs with arthritis, we’ll spend some one-on-one time massaging those achy joints and sore paw pads.
  • Scent Tracking
    Calling all hounds! We know fetch and cuddling isn’t for every dog who lives their lives lead by their nose. We offer scent tracking with either treats or animal urine, whatever their nose likes more!
  • Bubble Chasing
    Thanks to Bubble Day, we know that some dogs are simply obsessed with chasing bubbles. Not only is this great physical exercise, it is perfect mental stimulation, too! Now, imagine the joy of your dog having their own exclusive Bubble Day, any day of the week!
  • Pool Pawty
    For summertime only, we’re offering an exclusive solo pool session with one of our experienced Pack Leaders! Your pup will have a splashtastic time, enjoying a private pool pawty tailored just for them.


Bathing Services

Canine To Five is a one stop shop for daycare, boarding, and grooming! If you’re looking for haircuts, our Detroit and Commerce Township locations have full service grooming salons. All Canine To Five locations offer bathing services such as:

  • Baths that include ear cleaning, blow drying, & a brush out.
  • Nail Trims should be done every 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Nail Filing helps get the nail trim shorter and smoother.
  • Teeth Brushing with a chicken flavored toothpaste!
  • Shed Control to reduce the amount of loose hair in your home. Perfect for short haired dogs, too!
  • The Spa Special is a spa package that includes a nail trim, nail filing, teeth brushing, and a premium shampoo of your choice at a discounted rate.
  • The Freshen Pup includes a dry shampoo scrub, ear cleaning, blow dry, light brushing (extra brushouts available upon request), cologne, and a bandana!



Overnight Packages

If your dog is staying overnight with us, choose from one of our overnight packages! These bundled services offer extra fun at a discounted rate.


Eager to join in on the fun? Here’s what you’ll need to start:

  • Your pup must be at least 12 weeks old
  • They must have their DHPP, Lepto, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines (Rabies by 18 weeks old for puppies)
  • Puppies over 9 months old must be spayed/neutered to participate in our pack-style environment; Unaltered dogs may continue to join us for Private Play

If your dog is eligible to start, click here to fill out our new client inquiry form and our Canine Concierge will get in touch with you to go over next steps!

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