Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our dog boarding, dog daycare, and grooming services. If you have a question that isn't on this list, please get in touch and ask us directly!

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The Basics

Why should I take my dog to daycare?

There are many benefits of doggy daycare. But briefly, at Canine To Five your dog will:

  • Enjoy safe and fun socialization, either with other dogs in Group Play, or with people in Pawsitive Enrichment.
  • Get exercise and extra energy out of their system
  • Be cared for by a team of CPR and first-aid certified pack leaders who have extensive knowledge of dog behavior and body language

Even if you work from home and are there for your dog 24/7, your dog will experience the benefits of interacting with our pack and come home well rested and relaxed.

What dog boarding options are available?

We offer Group Play and Pawsitive Enrichment, with the option to upgrade to our VIP Overnight Package at our Midtown Detroit, Eastside Detroit, Ferndale and Commerce Township locations. This upgrade allows you to spoil your dog with a stuffed Kong before bed, a one-on-one session with a staff member, AND we'll send you a photo and update via text message each day you sign up! See all of our dog boarding options on our dog boarding page.

What dog grooming services do you offer?

Dog grooming is offered at our Midtown Detroit and Commerce Township locations only. Basic grooming includes: bath, brush out, nail trim, anal gland expression (if necessary or requested), haircut, blow dry, ear cleaning (plucking upon request), and bows or a bandana. Additional services can be added, see our grooming page for full details.

What is Pawsitive Enrichment?

Looking for a dog daycare that caters to your furry friend's individual needs? While Group Play may not suit every dog, we believe all dogs deserve the perks of socialization, companionship, and a secure environment while their pet parents are away. That's why Canine To Five offers a tailored service at our Midtown Detroit, Ferndale, and Commerce Township facilities, providing personalized attention for dogs who thrive on one-on-one interaction.



  • Walking on a Treadmill (will be slowly taught how!)
  • Food Puzzles
  • Obedience Sessions
  • Scent Tracking
  • Doggy Playdates (will be evaluated for this)
  • Agility Courses
  • Rotating Seasonal Enrichment Activities
  • & Much more!

This means “Private Play” will be open to any dog who would enjoy the benefits of structured and dedicated enrichment, exercise, and socialization!



  • Seem bored in daycare
  • Are overwhelmed with group play
  • Are okay with seeing other dogs, just prefers not to interact with them
  • Are over 9 months old and not fixed
  • Need a comfy place to not be on their feet all day



  • Dogs enjoy 3 enrichment sessions throughout their day, keeping both their minds and bodies active
  • If eligible, furry friends get the chance to play and bond with another four-legged companion during their sessions
  • For those who prefer a quieter vibe, Pawsitive Enrichment offers more intimate play areas to avoid any feelings of being overwhelmed
  • In their own dedicated enclosures, dogs have a raised bed and fresh water, creating a personal retreat when not in sessions
  • Our furry guests have a variety of stimulating activities, from walking on the treadmill to playing with toys, solving food puzzles, and enjoying cuddle time
  • Dogs will have private access to our spacious outdoor play yards equipped with pools, sprinklers, foam parties, and sunshine in the summer months

Getting Started with Canine to Five

What do I need to do before bringing my dog to daycare?

Before you bring your dog to Canine To Five for their first day of daycare, you'll need to take care of a couple things, but don't worry, we make it easy for you!

  • Step 1: Fill out our new client form to get started with our team. Feel free to upload your vet records if you have them, but if not -- don't worry! There will be time to do that later. We do require all of our dogs 9 months and older to be spayed or neutered and have current vaccinations prior to attending.
  • Step 2: After speaking to a Canine Concierge, you'll be sent a registration form and a request for your vet records. Both will need to be fully completed before the next step.
  • Step 3: Schedule an evaluation with our Canine Concierge - this is your first day of daycare! Our pack leaders will observe your pup as they experience their first fun-filled day at Canine To Five

For our boarding customers, please review some of our boarding reservation tips and give yourself enough time to complete the prerequisites before your first visit.

What do I need to bring to daycare?

Just your happy dog with a simple leash and collar (no need for harnesses, or other extras)! Our pack leaders will greet you and bring your dog back to the group for their day of play. If your dog is under 6 months old, you may bring some food, but other than that they'll have everything they need!

Why do I need a reservation?

For the health and safety of all the dogs who visit Canine To Five, we strive to keep the safest staff-to-dog ratio. Requiring reservations for your dog is just one way we maintain this level of safety. Reservations must be made by 4pm the night prior to your visit. If you need to cancel, this also must be completed by 4pm the night prior to your visit to avoid cancellation fees. Same day reservations must be made by phone, we do not accept walk-ins.

How much is boarding, daycare, or grooming?

The cost per day can range anywhere from $28 - $55. This rate depends on your dog's age, whether they attend Group Play or Pawsitive Enrichment, if you're eligible for an employer discount, and if you purchase daycare packages.

The cost per night can range anywhere from $60 - $90. This rate depends on which overnight package you select for your dog, whether they attend Group Play or Pawsitive Enrichment, and if you're eligible for an employer discount.

Grooming rates depend on the sizes, coat condition, and breed of dog. For more information on any of our rates, you can email to learn more.

How often should my dog attend doggy daycare?

How often you should visit Canine To Five will depend on how your dog does in daycare, but we recommend attending at least once per week to establish a predictable routine for your dog. Some dogs come as often as 5 days per week, while others may visit once every other week. Too much time spent away can make it more difficult for our furry friends to acclimate back into the groove of daycare. If your dog doesn't visit us at least once every 6 months, they will need to be re-evaluated prior to using our services again to ensure they are still comfortable with us.

General Questions

Will someone be at Canine to Five with my dog overnight?

Yes. We take dog safety and surveillance very seriously and ensure that we have staff available overnight to monitor and protect the dogs in the unlikely event of an emergency.

How often do dogs go outside?

Dogs have access to indoor and outdoor facilities year round (weather permitting) throughout their stay at Canine To Five.

Can you accomodate dogs with special needs?

Yes! We love and care for all dogs at Canine To Five. We are happy to work with you to determine a custom care program that meets your dogs needs.

can you administer medication to my dog?

As long as your dog is cleared by your veterinarian to attend doggy daycare or overnight boarding, our trained team will happily administer medication to your pup at no extra cost. At this time, we cannot administer injections or administer life sustaining medications such as heart, cancer, or seizure medication.

Do you offer any specials, discounts or coupons?

Canine To Five offers several discounts and promotions throughout the month via our promotional calendar. We also offer a Senior, First Responder and Pet Care Professional discount, a Multi-Pet discount, and a Multi-Night Stay discount for overnight boarding reservations longer than 5 nights. New grooming customers can receive a free premium shampoo on their first appointment. Discounted multi-day packages are regularly available for daycare.

We also offer employee discounts to a variety of businesses across the Metro Detroit area. Check to see if your employer is apart of our Preferred Pawtner Program, or submit our online form to be included!

Do you offer discounts for multiple pets?

Yes! We offer 25% off for each additional dog for daycare and boarding. Please contact us for more details around multiple dog rates and services.

What times can I pick up/drop off my dog?

Open until 8:00pm Monday through Friday, 6:00pm on Saturday
Sundays are boarding only with hours 8:00AM - 11:00AM & 4:00PM - 7:00PM

Dogs can be dropped off for daycare until 10:45AM, Monday - Saturday

There is a $5 charge for any pet left after 8:00 p.m. up to 5 minutes, $10 for 6-10 minutes, and $15 for 10-15 minutes late. Please call Canine to Five Midtown Detroit, Eastside Detroit, Ferndale or Commerce if you are running late for pick-up. After 15 minutes all dogs in the facility will be boarded overnight and can be picked up the following morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and at 8:00 a.m. Saturday & Sunday. Additional fees for food and boarding will apply.

Where can I find your waiver?

You can see our full waiver here. Please contact us if you have any questions.

How do you handle dogs of different sizes and temperaments?

Our dogs are actively monitored and we have several play rooms that allow us to separate our dogs based on a variety of factors, which include but are not limited to: size, play style, temperament, age, breed, etc. Our pack leaders constantly monitor and adjust to ensure that all dogs are comfortable and safe.

What happens if there is an emergency or injury?

Our pack leaders are canine CPR and first-aid certified. If there is an emergency, we have staff onsite overnight and emergency procedures outlined to ensure the dogs are evacuated quickly and safely.

Do you accept all dog breeds?

Yes! We don't evaluate dogs based on breed, but rather on temperament. All dogs must pass an evaluation prior to enjoying group play.

Can my dog get kennel cough or other illnesses at daycare?

Canine cough (also known as kennel cough) is not exclusive to daycare, boarding or dog kennel facilities. While we do require all dogs who access our facility to be fully vaccinated, including the Bordetella vaccines that reduces the risk of canine cough, there is a possibility your dog could get this, or another illness, at daycare. If a dog in our care is exhibiting symptoms, they are removed from the pack and we notify the owner about the symptom. Dogs must be symptom free before they can return to daycare.