Riverfront Canine Club Starts April 27 in Downtown Detroit

canine club 2Sunshine and warm weather are finally here, so it’s time to get out and soak it up with your canine friend. Canine to Five’s Riverfront Canine Club is back for its 2014 season in partnership with the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. We’ll be kicking off the season on Sunday, April 27 at 10:30 am.

Every Sunday during the Spring and Summer seasons, join us at 10:30 am for a guided pack walk through various routes of Detroit’s beautiful Riverfront paths. Led by Canine to Five Detroit’s Playroom Supervisor, Cullen Perry, the group will meet each Sunday in the Rivard Place parking lot and walk through the scenic Riverfront together as a pack.

Walking as a pack gives your dog the opportunity for controlled socialization with other dogs and people, while also feeding their instinctual need for pack structure and traveling. Walking with your dog is one of the most valuable activities you can do for them that fulfills their instinctual need to roam while also making building your bond together.

Plus, it’s a blast to be around other area dog owners, get outside and see all the great things Detroit’s RiverWalk has to offer.

These events are completely free and free parking is available at the Rivard Place parking lot. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water for you and your dog.

Through the 2014 season, we’ll be inviting local rescues, trainers and animal experts to join us on our pack walks as resources for you to ask questions and get to know what groups and organizations are out there for you and your dog. Be sure to like us on Facebook to get updates on special guests week to week.

Detroit’s gorgeous Riverfront is going to the Dogs, so why not get in on the fun yourselves.

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