Introducing Canine Cally

Hello Detroit!


Welcome new groomer Krystal!


Consider this my first big sniff and tail wag of a greeting to you– the dog owners, dog lovers and, of course, DOGS of Detroit and the metro area!

I just finished my first morning of work at Canine to Five Detroit and boy, am I ready for a nap on the couch. But first I had to report about my day. I was a little nervous but it turned out it was Krystal’s first day at work too. She’s a groomer and got me looking my best.

Standing behind the counter during morning rush, I met so many fun humans!


Sampson’s mom shakes Cally’s hand with a smile!

When they came in, I waved and reached out to shake their hands over the counter. (Not all dogs like me so much, so to keep the scrapping down, I stayed with the other employees Plus, I normally SNIFF everything when introduced and Liz thought that was inappropriate to do to her human customers…)

I thought all these nice people would want to know all about me! ME ME ME!!!! Where I came from, how I found Canine to Five, what breed of dog I am, whether I get my good looks naturally or had some work done…how many martinis Joe and I drank that day at Hugh…

But you know what the biggest question was?


And Holmer’s mom with the High Five.

The No. 1 question they asked me was “Cally, why are you shaking my hand? Don’t you High Five?”

Hmmmm. Seems they saw the photos of me “reaching out” at the food trucks in the last couple weeks. I AM being followed on Facebook!

I gotta watch myself…

Speaking of questions, I’ve got some of my own I’ve been asking of some political types around town. I’ll get those “treats” to you later this week.

Until then, see you around town!

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