Holiday Boarding Reservations


The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone, including Canine to Five. We encourage early reservations to ensure your pup will have a clean, safe, and fun place to stay! Canine to Five does not charge any additional fees to board over the holiday, but we do require a $50 deposit per dog to hold your reservation. Reservations canceled with less than 48 hours notice will not be eligible to have their deposit refunded. Two of our core beliefs at Canine to Five are that we care and we are flexible, so if you do have a last minute boarding emergency, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Benefits of Holiday Boarding at Canine to Five

  • No risk of your pet feeling lonely
  • Your pet is exercised and socialized daily
  • Soothing music and comfortable beds
  • Daily health checks done by our trained staff
  • Your pet is safe even if your return is delayed
  • Medication administration at no additional cost
  • Climate controlled and filtered environment
  • 24-hour supervision and professional care
  • Your pet won’t be overwhelmed by all the visitors and holiday festivities

Our Pack Leaders Are Onsite Throughout the Night

Each guest enclosure has its own raised bed, water available at all times, and enough room to walk around. Our boarding facility is ventilated and climate controlled to provide a comfortable temperature for sleeping. Relaxing music is played to create a peaceful environment for our furry guests. Our overnight Pack Leader monitors each guest to ensure a good night’s sleep.

High Standard of Care

We have a very high level of monitoring throughout your dog’s stay. Each meal is tracked as appetite is sometimes a challenge for pups being away from home. Medication is administered at no additional cost and is tracked daily. If your dog has a special diet let us know and we can accommodate any responsible request. Let us know how we can prepare food the same way you do at home.

You are welcome to call any of our open hours for an updated on your pup!

Activities, Games, and Play

Our Private Play Boarding dogs rest in their enclosure during the day and will be taken outside three times a day as a standard. Additional one on one play times can be added to their stay which includes throwing balls, playing with the flirt poll, or just spending extra time with cuddling with their human buddy. Dogs that have passed their daycare evaluation are able to be part of our Group Play Boarding. During the day they get to play, socialize and make new friends in our indoor and outdoor play yards! Dogs are separated into groups based on their age, size, personality and play style. This full day of play ensures a restful night sleep in a private enclosure. Additional one on one time with a Pack Leader may be scheduled for additional cost.

November 20th – November 30th: We serve Merrick’s Thanksgiving Dinner, a pumpkin pie stuffed Kong, and a special Thanksgiving photo of your dog sent to you. This is available to all overnight dogs at both our Midtown & Ferndale locations.

December 18th – January 1st: We serve Merrick’s Christmas Dinner, a candy cane stuffed Kong, and a special Holiday photo of your dog sent to you. This is available to all overnight dogs at both our Midtown & Ferndale locations

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