Can My Dog Board Overnight While on Medication?


When looking for the right dog boarding facility in Metro Detroit, there are many things to consider. Do they have staff in the facility overnight? Are they trained in Pet CPR & First Aid? But for pet parents with dogs on medications, there is the most important question of all; “Can my dog board overnight while on medication?” At Canine to Five, that answer is yes! As long as your dog is cleared by their veterinarian to stay in a dog boarding facility, our team of Pack Leaders would be happy to administer their medication.


Whether your pup needs pills, eye drops, or supplements, Canine to Five does not charge to administer medications to your dog. The only cost that is associated with medication is our Medication Preparation fee. This fee is only added when our desk staff has to sort and label pill dividers for your pup at check-in. To avoid this fee, pet parents can simply provide their own labeled pill dividers for the duration of their stay. 
Here are some we recommend!

Having dog owners divide their own medication not only saves our desk time, it ensures everything is dosed properly. Our front desk team is no stranger to organizing medication, and will happily do this for you if you’ve run out of time!



Medication Preparation fees are as follows:

  • 1 – 3 Pills | $5
  • 4 – 6 Pills | $10
  • 7 – 9 Pills | $15
  • 10+ Pills | $20

Medications like ointments, powders, or liquids, are not subjected to these fees. Only pills, tablets, capsules, etc. Canine to Five staff cannot administer injections, and recommend veterinary boarding for pets with these needs.


If you don’t plan on dividing your pills into an organizer, the best method is to supply Canine to Five with medications in their original containers with instructions included. This helps in the event medication is misplaced, fallen on the floor, or runs out before your arrival. Please do not pack your dog’s medications with their food. Even supplements need to be divided and documented. If you do not have the original containers, or the instructions differ from what is written on the bottle, please provide our team with written instructions that can be referred to at any point during their stay.




Medication administration starts with our front desk team at check-in. After obtaining your pup’s medications and instructions, each medication, their dosage and frequency, are inputted into your dog’s online account. That’s not all, they are also handwritten on a medication sheet that is kept with your dog’s personal belongings. When it is time to administer your dog’s medication, our boarding staff will use different methods to safely medicate your dog, then record and initial whether they were successful on both the medication sheet and in the computer. (If you have a quick & easy tip to get your dog to take medication – let us know!) If our team is unsuccessful in administering medication to your dog, you will be promptly notified.


If your dog is recovering from surgery, it is best to leave them in the care of your veterinarian while you’re away, but for small procedures or healing hot spots, Canine to Five has Private Play boarding available that will keep your pup safe during recovery. Collars/cones are welcome in Private Play, but stitches must be 10+ days old and cleared by your veterinarian before your pup can stay. This ensures there is no chance for infection, and limits the impact in the event they are accidentally removed by your dog.


Canine to Five knows leaving your furry friend behind can be stressful, and even more so when they are on a regimen of prescriptions! We appreciate you entrusting our team with the care of your beloved pet, and are confident you can rest assured knowing every instruction will be followed.


Ready to book your dog’s overnight visit? Here’s what you’ll need to start:

  • Your pup must be at least 12 weeks old
  • They must have their DHPP, Lepto, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines (Rabies by 18 weeks old for puppies)
  • Puppies over 9 months old must be spayed/neutered to participate in our pack-style environment; Unaltered dogs may continue to join us for Private Play

If your dog is eligible to start, click here to fill out our new client inquiry form and our Canine Concierge will get in touch with you to go over next steps!

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