First Aid training at Canine to Five

We are Safe!

One of our core values at Canine to Five is ‘we are safe’. One of the ways we work to keep all of our pack members safe is by quickly identifying and addressing potential health issues. We prepare our pack leaders for this by holding First Aid Seminars in our facility.

This month the amazing Felicia Asher, Licensed Vet Tech and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and her canine assistant Gage, Extremely Handsome Dog, held a seminar covering many aspects of canine first aid, including taking pulse and heart rate, CPR, identifying GDV and performing the Heimlich. In addition to listening to Felicia and watching her demonstrate, staff was able to practice their new skills on Gage.

Please join us in congratulating Ashley, Danielle. Denis, Kiera, Megg, Sam, Matt, Kaylin, Kaitlyn, Amy, Christina and Kim for completing this training and joining the rest of our team as Canine First Aid certified!

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