Detroit Dog Of The Day, George

Name:  George

Breed: Portuguese water dog

Age:  2 years old

Daycare Buddies: Lola Chicken, Bagley bagel and his most favorite Pack Leaders Jess and Cecelia

Fun Fact: Once upon a time this handsome man went missing from his home in Detroit. 1 year later HE WAS FOUND by a shelter in Dearborn, where his loving parents rushed to go pick him up. After keeping him home for a couple months to adjust, Sweet Boy George is back in his daycare and happier than ever! He’s bouncing around, smiling and playing. Now the question is, where was he all this time? Traveling the world? Living it up on the beach in Hawaii? Shacked up with a new girlfriend in Dearborn but decided he missed his parents too much? Turned to a life of crime in the streets then was picked up by the pooch police? Who knows! Either way, we are so unbelievable happy to have this guy back from his GREAT ADVENTURE! WE LOVE YOU GEORGE!



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