CTF Supervisors Attend Sternberg Seminar

August 2017: Sociability Assessment Seminar

This past month CTF Supervisors, Kent and Cullen, attended a seminar lead by Sue Sternberg in Ohio. The seminar was titled ‘Canine Sociability vs. Aggression Thresholds’ and was geared toward shelters to help them perform more accurate behavioral assessments to better place dogs in their care in appropriate homes.

Why is this relevant to us as a group play and boarding facility? At Canine to Five we meet new dogs every day and must quickly assess their level of comfort and sociability with humans and other dogs to determine the safest fit for each dogs’ placement while in our care. In keeping with our core values of ‘we are safe’ and ‘we are forward thinking,’ we are never done learning when it comes to canine behavior.

Check out the photos below from this awesome seminar and, as always, got questions about your dogs behavior? Ask us! We are avid students of behavior and we love to share what we learn.

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