We’re showing some love to local woman-owned businesses every Wednesday by featuring these #bossladies in our #WomanOwnedWednesday posts on social media. We’ve compiled a list below of our most recent posts! Know a woman-owned business that should be featured? Let us know via email detroit@caninetofive.com.


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Nayana Ferguson is the co-founder of Teeq Tequila. As a pancreatic and breast cancer survivor, she and her husband came up with the idea to own their own tequila company and develop a drink that was cleaner and classier. Nayana takes great care into what she put into her body after her diagnosis, so creating a tequila that was naturally gluten-free and low in carbs, sugars and calories, was an important process for her. Looking to change the stereotype, Teeq Tequila has the world’s only Coconut Lime Blanco Tequila; A drink that is smooth and can be sipped alone. Follow their page to stay up to date on any local tasting events!


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Patty Weir is the new owner of Haberman Fabrics, located in Clawson, MI. This apparel fabric store had been open for 60 years before Patty purchased the business in 2018, specializing in natural fibers, wool, silks, linens, and cottons. You can join Haberman’s monthly Sewing Club, enjoy an evening out at their Sip & Sew: Galentine’s Day Edition, or learn the basics at their Beginner Class: Learn to Sew!


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Raeshawn Bumphers is the Founder and CEO of Pink Poodle Dress Lounge, a bridal shop and dress boutique that provides wedding dresses for the entire bridal party. This #bosslady was a proud recipient of a $25,000 award from the Motor City Match entrepreneurial excellence program, and has recently moved her shop to Jefferson and Chalmers which allowed her to expand her selection to menswear for grooms, and bridal suite rentals for the day of weddings. Not getting hitched anytime soon? Her shop also offers cocktail, evening, prom, causal and business dresses and accessories.


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Snuggles’ mom, Temeria Heard, is the Founder and CEO of Swaggles, a Detroit based company dedicated to supporting ongoing efforts of the protection, compassion, and love of dogs. This online apparel shop donates 15% of all profits to support rescues, anti-cruelty, and animal abuse causes. You can see everything this #bosslady has to offer at swaggles.com


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Miriam Pranschke is the #bosslady behind Boro Resale. This clothing and accessories shop was inspired by Miriam’s love for thrifting. In addition to helping the environment by keeping clothing out of the landfill, and helping her community by offering 40% profit to her consignors, Boro also gives consignors the option to donate any percentage of their earnings to a charity that assists the Detroit community.

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