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With Michigan winter comes snow, ice, and dry, cracked paw pads. Caring for your dog’s feet during winter is definitely a thing, and Canine To Five can help you with that! If you’re not interested in testing out dog booties for paw pad protection, we have the next best thing – the Winter Paw Special!

Some dogs LOVE snow, and sometimes this can be against their best interest if their pet parents aren’t prepared. Our longer haired pals like Goldendoodles and Newfoundlands could romp in the snow all day, but once they come inside, their paw pad fur can be covered in balls of ice, snow, and salt. Imagine walking around like that – ouch! Long hair around the feet can also reduce traction on slippery surfaces, making it easier for your dog to slip and injure themselves. According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMA), it is important to keep the hair trimmed around your dog’s paw pads during this chilly season, and that’s where our Winter Paw Special comes in handy!


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The Winter Paw Special can be added on to your dog’s bath, haircut, or all on its own, and includes:

  • With a Bath | Soothing skin shampoo, musher’s secret, & a nail trim + dremel ($25 + Bath)
  • With a Haircut | Soothing skin shampoo, musher’s secret, a nail trim + dremel, & shaved paw pads ($25 + Groom)
  • A la Carte | Musher’s secret & a nail trim + dremel ($20)

Musher’s Secret is a waxy paw balm that prevents your dog’s toes from getting dry and cracked, and also acts as a barrier against ice, snow, and salt. If your short haired dog doesn’t need a trim, our bathers can do the Winter Paw Special without a paw pad trim!


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Keeping that hair neat between their toes isn’t the only important rule, having routine nail trims is important, too. Nails that are too long can reduce traction and force a dog to walk on the backs of their feet, splaying their toes. The greater the space between their toes, the more snow will pack up between them! Always dry off your pup’s feet with a towel after a walk around the block to remove any salt that could have hitched a ride.

Keep these things in mind and your dog will have a happy, healthy winter!

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