The Freshen-Pup – Making Your Life As A Dog Owner Easier

Being a responsible dog owner is a lot of work — even moreso with two dogs! I give major props to those of you who have dogs AND kids — you guys are amazing.

There are so many things that your dog needs done on a regular basis because, just like a human puppy, a dog’s health and well-being depends on regular maintenance such as ear cleaning, teeth brushing and nail trimming and daycare, and dogs that spend any amount of time outside when Michigan is frost-free need to be on a monthly flea preventative. All of this stuff takes time, and we’re all busy people, so sometimes, a dog’s routine maintenance stuff gets overlooked (well, by me, at least).


To help out the “overwhelmed by stuff to do and remember” dog owner, we’ve created the “Freshen-Pup” special. You’re already bringing your four-legged family member to daycare a few times a month. Why not let us remember all the stuff that needs to be done, and do it while your dog is already in our care?  We’ll remember so you don’t have to! How it works: Just let us know the next time you’re in that you’d like to sign up for “Freshen-Pup.”  We’ll sign you up for a monthly schedule so, no matter what day of the week you bring your dog, it will still get done.

We’ve got 2 packages to chose from:

The Works: Nail trimming and dremeling, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and flea preventative application $44

The Basics: Nail trimming and dremeling, ear cleaning and teeth brushing $28

By bundling these services you’re saving 20%!

Want to save even more on Freshen-Pup? Pre-pay for 6 months in advance and save another 10%!

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