Puppy Program

Canine to Five's Puppy Program is designed to help your new puppy grow into a socialized, balanced, and fun loving companion while they visit us for daycare or boarding. In collaboration with the Certified Professional Dog Trainers at K9 Turbo Training, we have developed a structured socialization program that goes far beyond daycare for our youngest pack members.

dogs learning to hold the puppy program

canine to five's Puppy Program

Looking for daycare or boarding for your new puppy? Look no further! At Canine to Five, your puppy will be placed into our Puppy Program during their stay at no extra cost. Each day we offer a structured curriculum that focuses on socialization to dogs, people, different surfaces, smells and experiences, structured toy time, outside time to support your potty training efforts (weather permitting), training item of the day, and scent of the day for added enrichment!

We launched this program because we are committed to setting your puppy up for a happy lifetime of play, daycare, and healthy socialization. Whether you choose to bring your dog to us once a week or every day of the week, we will do all we can to assist you in teaching your lifelong pal.

Puppy Curriculum

Whether your puppy visits us once a week, or every day, they will get to experience our structured curriculum that focuses on socialization to sights, sounds, and experiences that they'll need to navigate life as an adult. Examples of this include people in wheelchairs, using walkers, wearing big coats, hats, veterinary equipment such as stethoscopes, people in lab coats, and more! Early socialization and desensitization leads to decreased fears and anxieties down the road.

Dog Socialization

Supervised and structured play sessions with dogs of varying sizes, ages, and play styles focuses on teaching puppies how to play appropriately with other dogs, how to manage conflict without using aggression, and when to take breaks in play!

Resource Guarding Prevention

Your pup will learn to share resources like toys, food, and attention with other dogs and humans. Puppyhood is a critical stage to develop this tolerance and helps prevent resource guarding later in life.

Crate Training

Puppies require an average of 15-20 hours a day of sleep and need to take breaks in order to prevent them from becoming over aroused and overstimulated (hellloooo toddlers with no naps!). For this reason, we give puppies naps in airline crates every hour, which creates a den for your puppy to make his/her own and assists you with your crate training at home! Fitted with with comfy blankets, beds, calming spray and a treat, your puppy will love this time to rest in between play sessions!

Puppy Vaccination Requirements

  • Rabies: All dogs over 18 weeks old must have their Rabies vaccine. Puppies can start daycare without this vaccine based on their age. Must be updated annually (or every 3 years depending on the vaccine).
  • Bordetella: We strongly recommend getting your puppy the intranasal Bordetella vaccine every 6 months. We do accept the annual oral or injectable versions.
  • DHPP (Distemper): Puppies can start daycare after their first two rounds of this vaccine. Also seen as DAPP, it must be updated annually (or every 3 years depending on the vaccine).


  • Lepto: All dogs must be vaccinated against Leptospirosis annually. We can accept a note from your veterinarian if your pup is not able to receive this due to health related concerns.
  • DHLPP: Alternatively, this combo Distemper vaccine with Lepto included is accepted - given annually.

Requirements & Schedule

This program is for puppies 12 weeks to 8 months old. To enroll, your puppy must have received their first two sets of shots, as well as their Bordetella & Lepto vaccinations. Be sure to tell your vet at your first checkup that your dog will be spending a lot of time around other dogs!

Our Puppy Program curriculum runs Monday – Friday, 9AM - 12PM & 1PM - 5PM. Puppies are separated into groups that rotate in/out of crates every hour, with every puppy taking an hour lunch break at noon. Although our curriculum doesn’t start until mid-morning, you can drop off your puppy as soon as we open at 6:30 a.m, and our latest pick up time is 8:00 p.m. While this program is offered daily, your dog does not need to attend daily to participate! All puppies are placed into this program regardless of their weekly attendance.

We recommend that you bring your puppy lunch if they are under 6 months old. Please send a single serving lunch in a clearly labeled bag or container. Additionally, your puppy will have access to fresh, cold water during each structured playtime. To aid in training, your puppy may also be given treats throughout the day, which we will provide. Be sure to let us know if your puppy has any food allergies or sensitivities.

From one of our Puppy program clients...


Thoroughly impressed! With a new puppy, I am so hesitant with putting her into a Daycare. However, after our puppies first day, Canine to Five won us over. The facility is top of the line, the staff is beyond friendly and thorough. I appreciate their open communication and friendliness and I look forward to developing continued relationships! My Go-To group! Please continue doing what you are doing!

— Kamila R. (Brooklyn's Mom)