How do we pick an employee of the month from so many good ones?

Hi everyone!

By now we’re sure you know how much we appreciate the entire staff here, but what you may not know is how we pick our employee of the month. Every single one of our staff has input into who we choose. It’s pretty clear that if we let Liz or the managers at both locations pick, Rob & Kevin our desk superstars would be chosen every month and that’s not very fair. (This post was written by Rob -ed)

In Ferndale we have a simple box that employee’s place ballots in. We wanted to share with you some of the things said about our pack leaders in Ferndale this month by the rest of the team. We feel it’s very important to share this with you because a solid team working well together will make sure your dog is always taken care of. We’d love to hear your feedback too! Just stop by the desk on your way in or out and let us know.

Becca Wagner – The Winner

She seems to always be thinking of her co-workers and how to make their shifts more enjoyable.

She is so reliable, I love being scheduled with her!





Nicole Schulte - The Lunch LadyNicole Schulte – The Lunch Lady

She always makes sure everything gets done on in the morning on our checklist when I am too distracted with the dogs. She is a huge help!

For always doing a great job with lunches and cleaning.



Jeff Gardner – The Pack Leader

Jeff does amazing work with our high energy dogs and his patience is always appreciated.

Going to Detroit to learn how we can all communicate together.





Logans runLogan – The Cleaner

Having coffee already brewing when we walk in the morning is for real the most magical thing in the world. He has definitely won over A.M. staff.

 “You guys are here for the dogs.  I’m here to clean.” As we were talking about cleaning playscapes… Saw me going to do them & said he does them every night and that he should be doing it. Cool cat!

LeahJJohnsonLeah – The Calmer

Has been awesome with her treat circles, especially during high energy days, it really helps calm the pack. GREAT JOB.

Doing nail trims in AM for dogs leaving early.



mariahMariah – The Super

She did a really good job on the puppy stages board! They are awesome.

On a busy Friday, she handled a window of very busy and stressful pick-ups/drop offs with incredible ease while still being patient with the dogs and cordial to their owners.



metalJasonJason – The Learner who became the Master

Consistently doing a great job with every assigned task. 

Is always in a great mood when he comes in. His positive energy is great for the dogs.




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