Dog Friendly Housing in Detroit

Rudy, brown and white dog lying in the sun Kevin’s dog Rudy – the reason he first walked in the door of Canine To Five!

At Canine to Five we get a lot of questions from owners about where they can find dog friendly living in the city.  Detroit has come a long way in welcoming dogs compared to 6 years ago.  Below is a starter list for all dog owners looking for a puppy friendly home.


Downtown – Grand Circus Park

At the center of Detroit “puppy-dom” is Grand Circus Park – Downtown.  Grand Circus Park is a haven for dog owners. With two huge parks splitting Woodward Avenue, GCP has ample room for GCPyour pup to romp.  It is rumored that the Kales Building (76 Adams Ave) has more dogs than people and allows all dogs with a pet deposit. Newly built Broderick Tower (10 Witherall) allows dogs with a pet deposit but does restrict breeds. “[Broderick Tower] is very dog-friendly.” says Kristen Suarez-Junquera, Broderick Resident. “The building even had a dog Halloween costume contest so other residents with dogs could meet each other.” It is rumored that The Whitney, which is under construction, will also allow dogs.


Downtown – Central Business District

Detroit’s Central Business District features a number of pet-friendly housing.  Washington Boulevard is one of the more pet-friendly streets in the city.  With its grassy median, your four legged child would love to call this street home.  Detroit City Apartments (pictured below) located at 1431 Washington Boulevard features a full list of amenities including pets.  Detroit City Apartments does limit breeds and has a maximum weight limit of 35 pounds.  Across the Boulevard from DCA lies Claridge House Apartments.  Purchased by Detroit real estate mogul Dan Gilbert in 2012 Claridge House (1514 Washington) allows pets up to 40 pounds with a pet deposit. trolly plaza

Woodward Avenue is slowing fighting for the top-spot amongst pet owners.  Lofts at Woodward Center (1448 Woodward) allows pets of most sizes with a pet-deposit.  Located just across the street Lofts of Merchants Row features high ceilings and puppies under 25 pounds with pet-deposit.  Further downtown New Cadillac Square (111 Cadillac Square) is in the heart of Campus Martius Park.  Cadillac square allows pets of most sizes with deposit. Renaissance City Apartments, formerly known as Millender Center is located at 555 Brush allows dogs with a 30 pound weight limit, pet deposit, and monthly fee.

Riverfront/Lafayette Park/Eastern Market

riverfrontRiverfront Towers (pictured right) is located at 100 Riverfront Drive.  This insulated community features its own marina, gym, and plenty of space for your puppy to run and play. Pets are allowed here with a nonrefundable deposit and monthly fee.  Lafayette Towers located at 1301 Orleans is another great space for dog walking and Frisbee playing and allows pets up to 25 pounds. Just across the park, Leland Lofts of Lafayette Park are rent-from-owner, but do allow dogs at the owner’s discretion. In Eastern market, FD Lofts at 3434 Russell allow dogs for the time being. However, these lofts are slowly being converted to Condos for purchase.


Located just minutes away from all of your dog’s friends at Canine to Five Detroit, Midtown is a great place for puppy ownership.  Sheridan Court Apartments (4417 2nd Avenue), Beethoven Apartments (4474 3rd Avenue), and Lofts at New Amsterdam (6200 2nd Avenue) all allow pet ownership.  Park Shelton Hotel located at 15 East Kirby features a great rooftop patio, Crepes and Sushi on the first floor and allows pets of all sizes.  Rentals are usually by owner.  Rentals are tight all over midtown, however, due to extremely high demand.Midtown, Detroit, MI

The above rentals are just a few of all the great places all over Detroit that allow you and your pooch to live.  For more info about all of these places as well as many more dog friendly rentals our Friends at Live Midtown D:Hive – or the smiling faces at the front desk at Canine to Five would be more than happy to help.

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