Detroit Dogs Of The Day, Bud & Baby Lou

bud + lou

Name: Bud & Baby Lou

Age: Bud: 8 years, Baby Lou: 11 months

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Daycare Buddies: Each other (duh!), Baby Lou’s BFF is Ares since they were in the Puppy Program together BUT Bud and Lou are both friends with Gus the Bernese

Fun Facts: Bud and Baby Lou are both big lovable, floofballs that like to lay in the smallest spaces they can find together. Bud loves to just relax and sit pretty while he is in daycare while Baby Lou still loves his naps but also LOVES to play with all his friends that graduated Puppy Program with him. Lou respects his big bro and will still go take some breaks with him though… as you can see 😉 We love these big baes <3

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