Detroit Dog Of The Day, EDISON!

Name: Edison

Breed: Australian Labradoodle

Age: 4 years old

Daycare Buddies: Shiloh, Jes and Al

Fun Fact: Edison has been a good bud to Canine To Five for a solid 4+ years. He’s such a sweet guy and loves to hang out with some of his favorite Pack Leaders, Jes and Al. He especially LOVES when Jes sings Allison by Elvis Costello to him, obviously you swap out Allison with Ehhhddddiiissssoooonnnnnnn.

Sweet Sweet Edison is moving away from us and today is his last day. So to send this cutie off in style we are making him Dog Of The Day and giving him all the love we got to give.

We’ll miss you terribly, Edison. Come visit us soon!

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