Detroit Dog Of The Day, Crispy!

Name: Crispy

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

Age: 1 year, 5 months

Daycare Buddies: Crunchy (Crispy’s brother), Libby (H2O dog), Harriet (H2O dog), Ruby (pit), Franklin (Doodle)

Fun Facts: Crispy and his bro Crunchy are quite the duo. We love these two guys. Mr.Crisp though is such a character. He loves to greet our new Pack Leaders with the littlest, gentlest nibble right on the arm to let them know he is here and ready for attention whenever they’d like. Crisp’s favorite part of his day is when him and Crunchy get bro time in their very own playroom. Sometimes they just love to hang out together after being with their groups of friends allllll day.

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