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We’re diggin’ on Detroiters who are the top dogs in the animal care industry. These entrepreneurs, innovators and educators are what make our community a top notch place to own our pups. We hope you enjoy learning about Detroit’s Dog Bosses as much as we enjoy working with them.


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Matt Capitanio, DVM and Richard Siemion started PACE (Pet & Animal Cremation Exchange) in 2015. Their goal has been to ensure pet and animal afterlife-care is a compassionately reliable practice, affordable in price, and expedient in service. Pet and Animal Cremation Exchange was founded to fulfill this direct need in Detroit and the surrounding areas. We wanted to learn more about both of these #dogbosses and how they started their work with animals. Read all about Richard below!

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Q: When did you know you wanted to work with animals and how did you get there?

A: For as long as I can remember. I always loved animals and had a passion for the human connection with animals. I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Capitanio and we started up PACE in 2015. I already certified one of my dogs, Roxy, to be a therapy dog at the VA before that. So I guess you can say I have been working with animals even before we started our business.

Q: What do you like the most about working with dogs?

A: I love the fact dogs aims to please you and put so much effort into understanding what you saying. They are the most loyal and compassionate pets and you are their entire life and they make you a better person.

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Q: What’s the most exciting thing happening in your organization this year?

A: We recently got a lot bigger and service more of the metro Detroit area which created a lot of jobs for people. Being able to empower employees has been very rewarding

Q: Favorite dog breed, and why?

A: I am not big into specific breeds of dogs. I look for dogs to be Healthy, Happy and Intelligent in that order. I’ve come to find that mixed breeds AKA “mutts” tend to check all 3 boxes on a regular basis. I am more into dogs that aren’t bred to look and act a specific way. I like dogs being their natural self.

A: What’s one thing you want dog owners in Metro Detroit to know?

A: A dog is a member of a family. Please don’t take a dog into your home if you aren’t ready to care for it and treat it as a family member. Be patient and persistent with your training and you will get 10 fold back what you give your dog. A dog isn’t a toy… it’s a living breathing angel and deserves the same love, care and attention you would want yourself.

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