Client Experience Seminars at Canine To Five


Getting SASSY at Canine To Five!

This month our ENTIRE Client Experience team got together to learn about providing excellent service to our pet parents. This team building get-together allowed our 3 different locations to come together and workshop ideas, solutions, and learn new methods. We adopted a new term – Getting Sassy – which was built from the acronym S.A.S. (Stand And Smile!).

  • Liz Blondy (Owner of Canine To Five) described how she envisions the perfect sensory experience in our lobbies. How we look, feel, sound, and smell to our clients, how we can attribute the way we make our clients feel to our core values, and how being honest and transparent is so important to us.
  • Ben Paga (Director of Operations) coached our team on how to be consultative with our pet parents instead of just trying to get a sale. Building relationships and offering things their dog will actually need instead of something they might not really benefit from.
  • Samantha Hillmer (Director of Client Experience) reviewed how to practice etiquette and professionalism through email, text message, and over the phone. Why personalization, professionalism, and politeness creates a positive experience for pet parents (& staff!).
  • Kelly Karolinski (Facility Manager at CTF Detroit) talked about teamwork and problem solving, and how working together can make our pickup and drop off times run smoothly.
  • Kaitlin Lulofs (Canine Concierge) explained how first impressions are extremely important when taking care of someone’s pet.

We hope you see the difference in our team – they all did an amazing job!


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