Canine Influenza

This summer a highly contagious viral infection has made its way to Michigan. Originating in Florida, this illness spreads quickly via respiratory secretions from coughing, sneezing, or barking. It can also be transferred indirectly through objects like water bowls, toys – even our clothes or hands. Sanitation is key to preventing this virus, as it can survive in the environment for up to 48 hours.

The good news is, Canine to Five has had 0 confirmed cases of Canine Influenza. However, there have been reports of several infected dogs in southeast Michigan. Our Pack Leaders are diligently checking all dogs in the facility for signs and symptoms each day, sanitizing bowls every hour, and isolating suspected dogs at the first sign of illness.

At this time we are strongly recommending, but not requiring, dogs to receive the 2 part Canine Influenza vaccine. “However… vaccinated dogs CAN still become infected and develop the illness. The purpose of the vaccination is to control the spread of the disease by reducing the severity and duration of illness and symptoms, reduce the amount of virus that is shed by infected dogs and how long they shed the virus.” (PETMD) Talk to your Veterinarian to see if this vaccine is right for your dog; It may be required by Canine to Five at the beginning of next year.

Vaccine Clinic
All About Animals is a local vaccination clinic that offers the Canine Influenza vaccine for as low as $20 per shot. If you choose to get your dog vaccinated, make sure you bring in a copy of your records after the second vaccine has been administered. After your dog is given this 2 part immunization, it then becomes a 1 part annual vaccine.

Canine to Five is dedicated to being transparent with our pet owners, and will continue to keep you updated on the status of our facility. 

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