8 Reasons to Consider Adopting A Rescue

If you are considering getting a new pet, there are many reasons to adopt a rescue! Opting for an older and more mature animal is one of them, and a particularly useful option if you’re living in an apartment or don’t have the energy to deal with a young animal, but there are even more important reasons to adopt rather than buy. Here are eight reasons why you should consider adopting a rescue to be your new best friend and cuddly sleeping partner.


1. You Save a Life

Contrary to the fate of purebred puppies and kittens who rarely get overlooked, pets in shelters are lost, abandoned, or unwanted. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there. And since there are many shelters that can’t avoid using euthanasia to control their population, you literally save an innocent life when you adopt.


2. You Break the Cycle of Overpopulation

Asher | Available at Last Day Dog Rescue in Livonia

There simply aren’t enough homes for all the animals born to irresponsibly un-neutered and un-spayed pets each year. The statistics are saddening to say the least, with approximately 1.5 million dogs and cats euthanized, in the United States alone, each year. By adopting a rescue, you help reduce the growing number of unwanted pets.


3. You Don’t Support the Cruelty of Mass Breeding

There are thousands of backyard breeders and commercial pet-breeding facilities that produce millions of pets to be sold via newspaper ads and pet stores. Also known as kitty or puppy mills, these breeders keep female dogs in cages for their entire lives and impregnate them repeatedly. Once they are no longer breedable, they are disposed of.


4. You Take Advantage of Maturity

As mentioned, you can skip the kitty or puppy phase by adopting a rescue. More often than not, rescues are already house, or litter box, trained and some even respond to “suggestions” like ‘stay’ or ‘sit’. An older pet also means a much lower likelihood of chewing, biting, and clawing. And, as another bonus, you won’t have to wait to see what their personality is like.


5. You’ll Have Lifetime Support

Your animal shelter will remain a great resource long after you adopt your pet. They can provide you with advice and refer you to other sources that can help you with any concerns you have for your rescue. Because those who work at shelters are with animals every day, they are full of information on many different topics.


6. You Expand Your Options

Phil | Available at Home Fur-Ever in Detroit

When you decide to adopt, you get to pick from many different breeds, crosses, and the greatest mutts in the world. Animals in shelters tend to have very unique looks due to cross-breeding, giving them lots of personality and character.


7. You Pay Less

Getting a pet from a shelter is far less expensive than buying from a breeder, and your money goes to a good cause.


8. You Encourage Others to Do the Same

Not only will your friends and family want to adopt a rescue because yours is so amazing, but they will see how happy you are with your pet and hear how good you feel about choosing adoption.


Instead of buying a pet, consider visiting your local shelter and adopting instead. From young animals to seniors, you’re sure to find the perfect fit with just a bit of looking.


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Author’s Bio: Stephanie James is a part- time writer, and full-time animal lover. In addition to her writing career, she has spent time as a dog walker in NYC, Seattle, and Chicago and owns a dachshund that just turned 19.5 years old! You can find articles by her covering a variety of topics from animal care to wellness and fitness on Twitter: @sjaywrites13

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