5 Reasons to Join a Canine To Five Pack Walk


You already know that we offer the best dog boarding, doggy daycare, and dog grooming in Metro Detroit, but we also offer some social activities for you and your dog such as Drinking With Dogs and Pack Walks. We view Canine to Five as a community, and we enjoy spending time with the entire family of the dogs that we take care of.

Our next Pack Walk is Sunday, February 2nd, and we’d love to see you there. On that note, we present 5 REASONS TO JOIN A CANINE TO FIVE PACK WALK!

  • 1. Socialization (for your dog)! Pack walker Kelly says, “My dog, Kyra, has people reactivity challenges. We have leveraged the pack walks to get her more accustomed to being around people she doesn’t know. She tends to feels more comfortable around people that have dogs, so the pack walk is perfect! It’s also a great training, socialization and exposure opportunity, as there are lots of people riding bikes, skateboards, roller skating, scooters, etc!” 

    Kyra resting at the half way point along the Detroit Riverfront

  • 2. Socialization (for you)! Canine to Five team member Hannah, who typically leads the Pack Walks says, “We have a core group of walkers that have become their own little crew through the pack walk!” 

    (Photo: Stephanie Steinberg / The Detroit News)

  • 3. Fitness (for your dog)! We all know the struggle of getting enough dog walks in during the colder months. Put our Pack Walks on your calendar and COMMIT.

    (Photo: Stephanie Steinberg / The Detroit News)

  • 4. Fitness (for you!) Sometimes the gym just doesn’t cut it. Humans need to be outside, even when it’s cold! So layer up, boot up, and meet us Sunday morning! Then you can go to brunch and imbibe guilt-free!

    The Detroit Riverfront Pack Walk

  • 5. The Detroit Riverfront is the best! Our Pack Walks meet at Cullen Plaza on the Detroit Riverfront. We might walk the Riverwalk or the Dequindre Cut, or both, but whatever route we take it is scenic and inspiring and offers some of the best Detroit views out there.
Our Pack Walks are once a month in the winter and weekly in the warmer months, so you have lots of opportunities to join the pack! Hope to see you there.

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