Let’s Take Paws to Talk About Tips, Q&A-Style


Canine To Five offers the option to tip our team upon checkout, similar to what you might see at your coffee shop. But since we’re not baristas and, let’s be honest, our services cost more than a cup of joe, we thought it’d be good to answer a few simple questions about how Canine To Five tips work.


How Can I Leave a Tip?

When checking out at Canine To Five, ask our team to send your transaction to the terminal on the counter. This will give you the option to leave a certain percentage, or put in a custom amount. If you’re not completing a transaction, our team can always charge you for a custom tip amount, or accept cash. That’s not all, when making a package purchase on the customer portal, you can also choose to leave a tip prior to checking out.


Where Does the Tip Money Go?

We distribute tips amongst our team monthly, based on number of hours worked. Our front desk staff, the Pack Leaders who work with your dogs, our boarding team, our bathers, and our overnight attendants all participate in this tip pool.



Groomers are NOT included in our tip pool, as we know that the tips you leave for them are meant to stay with them.


Do Your Employees Rely on Tips?

While the safety, health, and general well-being of your dogs are our highest priority, as well as the superior customer service we strive to provide you, taking care of our employees is also a core value at Canine To Five. That’s why fair pay is something we are passionate about.

But our staff is also extremely appreciative of the tips they receive from you, so we’ve created a more convenient way for customers who choose to leave a tip to do so. On average, your tips increase Canine To Five employee wages by $0.50/hour.


Will I Receive the Same Level of Service If I Don’t Tip?

Absolutely! We understand that dog daycare can be a luxury, and while our employees are grateful for the tips we receive, it is by no means  requirement. That’s why we offer a “no tip” option upon checkout, and if you choose not to leave a tip we won’t receive any sort of notification. No judgement here.


How Often Should I Tip?

Your choice! Again, we just want to make it convenient for you to show your appreciation when and if the time is right. Some customers choose to tip on every visit. Some leave a tip every other time or at the end of a week or month. Some reserve their tips for when an employee goes above and beyond, or for the holiday season. Some tip by dropping off pizza, cookies and other delicious snacks. However you choose to tip or not to tip is completely up to you!

As always, what we value most of all is the choice you make to put your dog in our care.

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