Looking for a Metro Detroit Dog Trainer?

Frequently we will poll our dog owners to see what Ferndale and Detroit area dog trainers they have had great experiences with, so we can then pass those recommendations onto the many people who ask us about training.

We reached out to owners a few weeks ago – and here is what they had to say…..

Bentley’s mom said “Kris Littleson teaches at Animal Welfare Society on John R in Madison Heights. She is FANTASTIC! She keeps her classes small and her techniques are great. She works with you one and one when needed and truly cares about the success about you and your dog in class. We have made great strides with our Husky being in her beginner class and look forward to continuing on to other classes with her!”

Pixie and Rocket’s mom said “Sportsmens in Warren. Economical, caring, good with problem pups.”

Coda’s  mom had this input “Rachel Plotinski and Heather English from The Dogg House in Commerce Twp. – they’ve taught me how to read dog language and use it to my advantage. Which has made me more in tune with dogs. My timing has gotten way better and they are always adapting the methods to cater to the dog’s individual personality and issue they’re working on. Everything is positive, no choke chains or pinch collars allowed. We even go on field trips to change up the atmosphere!”

Ryland’s mom said “Dean at Dworkis Dog & Cat is a gem! he’s great with my dog and he teaches gentle leadership. I appreciate that he always explains the psychology behind his methods and relates it back to what goes on at home. My dog is always excited for a lesson with him and I’ve found them to be effective. my dog Ryland is better trained at 4 months than dogs of friends that are over 2 years old.”

Both Bria’s mom, Ernie’s mom and Porter’s mom love Fido in Ferndale, and had this to say “Fido! The lengths that they went to help my dog and me were incredible. I would recommend them to everyone.” and “I second (third, fourth?) FIDO. Positive reinforcement training only helps you bond and build trust and leadership with your dog. There’s a great mix of manners and tricks to keep both you and your pooch motivated to keep learning!”

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