Five Ways to Say "Thanks, Canine to Five."

We had a chat with some customers recently, kind of like a focus group but without the creepy two-way mirrors or spy cams. Just us and a few amazing moms and dads talking about dogs, dog daycare, grooming and such. Funny thing was, while we expected most of the conversation to be about ways to improve and better show our appreciation to customers, a lot of them wanted to know, “How can I show my appreciation to the employees of Canine to Five?”

So, since you asked, and since showing appreciation to our hardworking staff is one of our core values, we’ve put together this simple list of ways to thank those who go above and beyond to care for your pups.

5. Food! Any time, any day, sweet or savory, healthy or hearty, snacks are one of the best ways to provide a little pick-me-up for the staff. Our tummies appreciate your appreciation. 

4. Sharing is caring. If your dog can’t stop raving about the service, post it to Facebook. And tag the employee who made your pup’s stay extra special. If your dog is sleeping more peacefully than ever thanks to us, snap a pic and share it on Insta. Or go old school word of mouth and tell your neighbors and coworkers how great we are next time you see them. #WeLoveShoutOuts.

3. Cash money. We recently had a blog post about how to tip employees, and though our staff doesn’t rely on tips, it certainly helps and is always appreciated.

2. In a note. Or from the heart. It’s true. There’s nothing better than a sincere, “Thank you.” You can write it in a note for us to post in the playroom for all to see and appreciate. Send it in an email. Pull our owner, Liz, or a manager aside and tell them about an employee doing amazing work. Or tell that employee face-to-face how much the care they give your dog means to you. You could even write a song about how much you love us and sing it over and over in our lobby… scratch that. Bad idea. But you get the point.

1. Visit us often. The best thank you is seeing your dogs’ smiling faces again and again and again. So, yeah, keep doing that.

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