When will your Ferndale location open?

This is a question we’ve been getting asked a lot this week.

When we first announced our new location, we hoped to be open by Thanksgiving. Clearly that did not happen. Then I had hoped for December 15 – uh oh, that’s next week – not gonna happen.

A lot goes into to starting a new business, and with this business, it is mostly construction stuff. We’ve got to build the place out from scratch, work with the city to make sure we’re doing everything by the book, and then get a Certificate of Occupancy before we can open.

I’d love to say we’ll be open the first Monday in January. That’s my plan. It’s what’s keeping me up at night.  We’re working on the space as fast as we can.  Send good “get done quickly” vibes our way, and we’ll give you an update again in a few weeks – Liz


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