What sets Canine To Five apart from other facilities in the area?

In Metro Detroit, dog owners have several choices of places to take their dogs for daycare, grooming and boarding.  We are honored and appreciative that so many of you have chosen Canine To Five!

As a potential Canine To Five visitor, you might ask yourself, “How is Canine To Five different from other pet care facilities?”  In this post, we hope to answer those questions for you!

All Day Play: When your dog is here for daycare it plays. It plays all day long.  That’s what you are paying for, right?  For your dog to be tired, tired, tired.  Many places have a 2 hour naptime in the middle of the day, or crate the dogs in the mornings and evenings.  Some places only allow the dogs out in specific groups, resulting in less playtime for each dog in their care.  At Canine To Five, we do not have a mandatory naptime. If a dog is tired, it sleeps. But many high energy dogs do not need a naptime, and their owners want a totally exhausted dog.  So, 12 hours of play for each dog in our care!

Attended Overnight Boarding: Did you know that someone SLEEPS here with the dogs every single night?  Like, the dogs sleep in bed with the overnight person.  No crates or kennels all night for Canine To Five guests.  We want your dog’s vacation to be as pleasant as yours, so that’s why we do the attended overnight boarding.  If you would prefer your dog NOT sleep on the bed, just let us know!

Outdoor Play Space: At Canine To Five, we think that dogs deserve to play outside.  A lot. They want to run around in the fresh air.  A lot. They want to run and run and run, and our 8000 square foot, fenced in outdoor playspace allows for just that.  We’ve heard that some corporate chains do not have outdoor areas, and hey, it is hard to have outside playspace in a strip mall! We feel that dog daycares and boarding facilities need a large outside space, period.

Experienced Groomers: No one wants a bad haircut, even your dog.  Our 5 groomers have YEARS of experience.  At multiple salons. They’ve gone to grooming school.  Not a “corporate you work here so we train you for 6 weeks” grooming school but a real school where they put in over 500 hours of training before they go out into the real world to work.  Also, several of our groomers have been with us since we’ve opened, so they really get to know our clients and their owners.

Experienced Dog Handlers and a hands on owner: A lot of people want to work at a dog daycare because they want to play with puppies all day.  At Canine To Five, the dog handlers are here to manage the pack. And to do that you need dog experience. A lot. So we hire people who have worked with dogs in the past, in a vet, kennel or shelter setting.  Several of our dog handlers have been here 2+  years, and know the dogs in our care like they are their own.  Canine To Five’s owner, Liz, is in the building 6 days a week to make sure things are clean, safe, healthy and happy for the dogs.  We think this is really important.

Each facility does their own thing, and we encourage you to check out multiple places and ask to see where the dogs play, are groomed, sleep, etc.  Here is a link that might be helpful.

We sure do hope that your make Canine To Five your choice for your dog daycare, boarding and grooming needs!

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