Top 10 Reasons I bring my dogs to daycare!

As the owner of Canine To Five, I am really lucky that I can bring my dogs to work with me. I do not think I could own a dog if not for daycare. In fact, when we opened in May 2005 I did not even have a dog! Our Newfoundland Bunny was my engagement ring, given to me in December 2006, and our Great Pyrenees Argon came to us from a customer who could no longer keep her, in September 2007.

Here are the TOP TEN REASONS I bring Bunny and Argon to Dog Daycare!

1) Socialization – I know since they are around dogs all day at daycare they’ll be nice to dogs we meet on the street, at the park, at picnics, etc.

2) No Morning Walking! – We don’t have a yard at out house in Eastern Market, so the dogs have to be walked every day. On days that I bring them to daycare I do not even have to walk them in the morning, we just hop in the car and they do their business when we get here!

3) No Evening Walking! – Again, with the walking. On daycare days, by the time we get home they are SO wiped out they do not need an evening walk, just one last potty break before bedtime.

4) Photos – I love photos of my dogs, and my out of town friends and family members love to see the photos that the daycare workers take each day.

5) Exercise and weight control – with such large, lazy breeds, it would be pretty easy for Argon and Bunny to pack on the pounds. I am confident that the exercise they get at daycare a few days a week keeps them fit and trim.

6) The End of Day Wipe down and Brush-out – 2 hairy dogs mean a LOT of shedding at home. Every day at daycare, at the end of the day, the daycare staff wipe down, brush out, and spray each daycare dog with good-smell. It’s nice for me to be able to pick up a good smelling dog!

7) Accepting Strangers – my dogs have met all sorts of people since they started coming here, as we have a bunch of different folks that work in the daycare and grooming rooms. This way, they have gotten used to being greeted and touched by unfamiliar people, and it makes me comfortable that they will greet others outside of the facility the same way!

8) Curbing Destructive Behaviors at home – Bunny really enjoys to chew on rugs and shoes, and Argon is all about eating the firewood out of the wood pile. So bringing them to daycare means they are not at home munching on things they should not, and when we get home from daycare they are too tired to do anything but lounge!

9) Training – Our daycare attendees reinforce basic training techniques, so my dogs are constantly reminded how to sit, stay and patiently wait for a treat.

10) Grooming – Maybe once a month, after a full day of play, I treat the dogs – OK, who am I kidding – I treat MYSELF! – to a bath and brush for the dogs. Nothing like relaxing at the end of the day with 2 tired, shiny, silky dogs!

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