That Wet Dog Smell

Wet dog smell is often caused by the build up of bacteria on the dog’s fur. This can result if the dogs fur is not thoroughly dried.

Dogs are naturally active creatures. Some dogs would hate to be bathed but they would not pass the chance to wallow in muddy and smelly puddles! The stinking smell of the water will cling to the dogs fur, and the foul odor will worsen if the dog has decided to unearth its rotten “treasures”.  The musty smell of the dog can be due to bad breath or due to the over production of sebum on the surface of the skin that would arise if the dog had an allergic reaction that inflamed the skin.
Obviously, the best solution to remove the stinking odor is to bathe the dog. Warm water and a nice smelling dog shampoo would eliminate the wet dog smell. This is important: make sure to dry the fur thoroughly. Some experts believe that a towel should not be used as the odor will stay on the fur and after a day or two the wet dog smell will again permeate the home. A hair dryer is recommended as will thoroughly dry the coat all the way to the skin and eliminate the bad odor causing bacteria.

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