Did you know that we upload photos of our daycare dogs almost every day to Flickr?  We love to show off all the great dogs who visit Canine To Five, and you love to see your pet “caught in the act” of having fun!  Even if you don’t have a dog at Canine To Five each day, there is loads of cuteness in each Photoset.

If you aren’t familiar with Flickr, it’s a great photosharing service that has a social networking component built in.  If you have a Flickr account you can mark favorites, create a photo gallery for your dog’s photos, add comments and even share the photos by email or on Facebook.

It’s pretty cool, and if you don’t have enough social media in your life (and who does?) you should check it out!  At the very least it’s a great way to keep photos of your dog available everywhere you go!

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