Meet Thomas Ward

Thomas is 20 years old and has worked at Canine to Five for a year and a half. “Even though Canine to Five is my first job, I can’t imagine a better place to work!” he says. Part of the reason Thomas loves Canine to Five so much is because he can spend the day with his six month old Pitt Bull-English Bull Dog mix, Enzo.

Even though Thomas is a huge fan of dogs, he is no stranger to other wild and domestic creatures. Thomas’s father was a curator at the Detroit Zoo, so he’s been around snakes, frogs, fish and crayfish since childhood.

Thomas is extremely interactive with the dogs at Canine to Five and loves observing them. “They act entirely different than humans do and it is fun to play with the dogs in the outdoor area and watch them react to birds and street noises,” he says.

Other than dogs and wild animals, Thomas is very interested in the auto industry, calling himself “obsessed with the history, workings and racing of truly great automobiles.”

Stop by Canine to Five this week and say hi to Thomas and Enzo. And, if you have a fancy car, let Thomas take a look.

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