Meet Natalie Dean – Facility Manager

Natalie started working at Canine to Five in February. Her first job was as dog handler, but while the pooches love her dearly, her sparkling personality needed to be enjoyed by customers, so she was promoted to Facility Manager to handle the front desk.

Coming from a family of dog lovers, Natalie considers herself an owner of three dogs; her family dogs Logan, a Shitzu, and Taz, a Shitzu Corgi mix, and her personal dog, Bella, a lab mix. Bella loves coming to Canine to Five with Natalie and has made several friends.

Natalie enjoys working with dogs because they are “true entertainers.” She said, “you know when people say kids do the darnest things? You can’t even imagine some of the funny things dogs do!” Natalie likes that the dogs keep her on her feet at all times and make her giggle all day long.

When not playing with your pooches, Natalie likes to exercising, doing everything from running to kick boxing. She also is a big wine lover and hopes to learn how to make her own one day.

Next time you bring your pooch to Canine to Five, make sure to introduce yourself to Natalie…and if you really appreciate all the love she gives your dog, treat her to a bottle of wine.

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