Local Dog Trainers

We’re not offering training at either Canine To Five at this time but we think it’s pretty important for dogs and owners to take an obedience class at some point in their lives. We’ve reached out to our clients and friends to get some good local recommendations for you. Here’s what they had to say:


Sparty’s dad said “Fido Personal Dog Training is great. I liked the puppy classes for Sparty. Classes were small enough to get personal attention, but still offered some distraction to teach her to listen to me first.” You can find FIDO here.

Pixie and Rockets mom’s feedback “I really like Sportsmen’s in Warren as a good, inexpensive way to start training. The group classes are really a good way to get a dog comfy with people, other dogs, and basic commands.”  Here’s their site. Also, they are very reasonably priced!

Bella’s mom had this to say “Brian Walsh is THE MAN! He helped us soooo much with Bella. He truly is the Dog Whisperer!” Find Brian here.

Maddie’s mom says “Jen Guthrie of Pro K9… really great group classes and one-on-one sessions.” Here’s their info.

Jake and Noah’s dad thinks “Lisa Patrona at Trainer’s Academy is great. She does group classes and private lessons.” Check ’em out.

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