Introducing the Goldy Jones Memorial Senior Lounge at Canine to Five Ferndale


Our good friend friend Goldy.

In 2009 we met a sweet little beagle named Goldy Jones who we had the privilege of loving as she aged. The older she got the less comfortable she became with group play, but she also loved being at Canine to Five. So Goldy was introduced to our front desk and spent each day socializing with our Pack Leaders, getting cuddles, and comfortably enjoying the company of other dogs and humans.

It was with heavy hearts this past year that we said goodbye to our sweet Goldy. We were so happy to customize a Canine to Five experience that was uniquely best for her. That got us thinking about the needs of Senior Dogs or dogs recovering from surgery, and that inspired the addition of our latest service offering in Ferndale.

Celebrating Goldy's Sweet 16 Last Year.

Celebrating Goldy’s Sweet 16 Last Year.

Introducing the Goldy Jones Memorial Senior Lounge, officially opening at our new Ferndale location on May 18th. This 300 sq. ft. space just off our new lobby will be specially designed for the needs and comfort of Senior Dogs as well as dogs convalescing. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • 300 sq. ft. dedicated to Senior Dogs (8+) and convalescing dogs.
  • Better climate control away from the play larger play areas to keep our Senior guests warmer during winter months and cooler during summer months.
  • More bedding options including materials we can’t have in the play areas for safety reasons such as cushions, plush beds and blankets.
  • More one-on-one affection and attention with dedicated staff to look after our Senior guests.
  • Very limited space – To ensure each Senior or convalescing dog receives the attention and space they need for optimal comfort, our Senior Lounge will be limited to 5 dogs per day. Reservations will be necessary.
  • An additional fee of $8 will be added to a dog daycare reservation for a spot in our Senior Lounge.

We’re so happy to be able to offer this to our Senior friends like Goldy who benefit from the loving attention and socialization while they’re humans are at work. Also for our pack members that occasionally are in recovery and could use the comfort of familiar people and friends to get back on their feet (paws) more quickly.

If you’re interested in reserving a spot in our Goldy Jones Memorial Senior Lounge, or have any questions, swing by the desk during drop off or give us a call.

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