Introducing our new Employee Development Manager, Jesse!

One of Canine to Five’s core values is ‘We are forward thinking.’ This means we never stop striving to improve every aspect of our business and our staff is no exception. In keeping with our commitment to ensure that every member of our team is an empowered expert in their role, Canine to Five has added a new full time position, Employee Development Manager.

Our Employee Development Manager works to facilitate new hire training, guides existing team members to grow in their positions and excel through our pack leader levels, coordinates educational events and researches new learning opportunities.

We are so pleased to announce that Canine to Five team member Jesse has accepted this position. Here is how Jesse expressed her interest to us during her application process:

“The Employee Development Manager position fits perfectly with my skills, interests and passions and is a logical and exciting next step on my career path as a pet care professional and student of canine behavior. I am excited about this position because I care so deeply about my coworkers and their success and, more importantly, because I care about every single dog whose life we touch at Canine to Five. I believe they deserve the absolute best care possible.

My goal is that dogs in our care feel safe and happy and benefit from their experiences here both while they are with us as well as in the outside world. Achievement of this goal requires our pack leaders to be prepared with a vast breadth of behavioral knowledge and thorough one-on-one training so that they are able to assess the physical and psychological needs of each of our unique pack members. In this way, both our pack leaders and our dogs will be set up to succeed.

Theories and best practices in the study of canine behavior and dog training are constantly evolving, as such our training as dog professionals never ends. I find that when I am able to analyze the underlying factors that are contributing to a dog’s behaviors I am better able to work with them with empathy and compassion and less likely to feel frustrated when doing so. I want to share this with my team. It often strikes me that the more I learn about dog behavior the more I realize I don’t know. This does not discourage me, in fact it increases my drive to gain more knowledge.”

As you can see, Jesse embodies the commitment to learning that sets Canine to Five apart. Stay tuned for updates from her on all the ways in which Canine to Five demonstrates our dedication to continuing education.

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