How We Become Dog Daycare Pack Leaders

Curious about the extensive training program every Canine to Five Team Member undergoes? Here’s everything you want to know about how the Canine to Five Pack Leaders are trained to be the best.


We often get comments about how we have the best jobs ever, and we completely agree! But a lot of times that comment is followed up with, “…You get to play with dogs all day.” We totally understand how it can seem that way with all the happy, smiling dogs in our dog daycare and dog boarding photos, but it’s not all play time. Particularly for the Canine to Five Team Members.

Each and every Team Member is a Pack Leader that manages, balances and protects all the dogs in our pack. It takes the constant focus of a Lifeguard on duty, a calm and balanced energy, and an extensive knowledge of Dogs. Everything you can possibly imagine about dogs. And each of our Team Members needs to be an expert. It’s like training everyone in a whole other language, so where do you even start with training someone? It was difficult at first.

I found it hard to match the words to the actions my team was seeing in our group play setting, which made it a challenge to train new staff,” said Liz Blondy, founder and owner of Canine to Five. But with a little digging, Liz was able to find what her current and future staff needed. “We found Knowing Dogs and were so excited.It covers all the basics we want our team to know regarding Dog Body Language and Group Play. It gave my staff a vocabulary to use to describe play and body language, which was so  helpful. It gave them the knowledge and tools they needed to better manage the dogs in our pack setting. I feel we are all better pack leaders after having completed Knowing Dogs – myself included!”

KD101set-300X168-2Knowing Dogs is a 16-module course that consists of 101 and 201 levels. Through the modules, each and every Canine to Five Team Member learns about and gets tested on their knowledge on Dog Body Language, Emotional States, Stress, Aggression, Social Interactions, Leading a Playgroup and EXTENSIVE training in Dog-Specific Leadership. It’s a time investment for each of our staff, but worth every moment when we look out over our balanced dog daycare pack socializing, exercising and all around having fun in a safe environment.

It’s just one of the many ways our entire team helps ensure the health, wellness and safety of every pack member, dog or human.

So next time you see a pic posted to our Facebook page with one of our Team Members proudly holding up their Knowing Dogs Certificate, make sure to congratulate them. It takes a lot of hard work to become a Pack Leader.



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