Holiday Food and Plant Dangers

We all love spending times with our loved ones over the holidays, and that includes our 4-legged companions as well. To insure that we all have a happy and safe holiday, here are some hidden holiday dangers for dogs this time of year.
• Foods: Overindulging in holiday foods can be risky for dogs, especially when there are a lot of people around for meals. Some troublesome foods for dogs are onions, garlic, scallions, and of course the big-no-no, chocolate, is especially dangerous for dogs.
• Holiday plants: Probably the most well-known dangerous plant for dogs are poinsettias, but other dangerous plants include: mistletoe, azaleas, and lilies. Christmas trees also pose a danger to dogs this time of year. For real trees not only pose a threat of fire and electrical shock, but sometimes the water contains chemicals to preserve the freshness of trees that can be particularly dangerous.
Let us all make this a joyous and safe holiday!

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