FetchFind at Canine to Five!


Canine to Five never stops learning!

In addition to intensive one-on-one coaching, Canine to Five employees also complete a course on dog body language as part of their training. Starting this spring we’ve introduced a new canine educational resource, FetchFind. FetchFind is an interactive program that focuses on canine ethology (the study of behavior), evolution, body language, breed group knowledge, stages of development, normal and abnormal behavior and insight into how dogs learn. Because we love learning so much we aren’t just incorporating FetchFind into our new hire training, our entire existing staff is engaging in this new learning opportunity as well!

We caught up with our FetchFind Advisor, Erin Schneider, CPDT-KA to learn more. We asked Erin why her company created this educational program and she said “FetchFind supports pet businesses in building a staff focused on client care (for both pets and people). As a natural outcome, pet staff are more engaged. Staff engagement leads to empowerment and we know that is one of the single biggest factors in preventing staff turnover. FetchFind helps to create win-win situations.” We couldn’t agree more!

We also asked Erin how FetchFind’s coursework was developed and she told us “FetchFind Monthly Pro lessons are developed from our vast library of content, which has been developed over the last 20 years of research, testing, and real-life application (particularly through our in-person training academy in Chicago). We meticulously update and review all of our sources to ensure we’re aligned with the most current, authoritative, and science-based practices and professionals across the entire pet industry.”

Canine to Five’s work with FetchFind is another way we demonstrate our commitment to improving the lives of our dogs, their humans and our staff. As an added bonus, FetchFind is a fellow woman-owned business founded by canine entrepreneur and expert, Jamie Migdal. Head over to www.fetchfind.com to learn more about this empowering educational resource.

Questions about your dogs’ behavior? Ask us! We love to share our knowledge!


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