Ferndale Update: Construction Excitement!

Argon came to help tape the floors. Both Bunny and Argon tested out the news floors and gave their bark of approval.

The floors are DONE! They’re now covered up with plastic and we’ve started on the door to the side yard and the back area, where the bathroom, bathing area and laundry room will be.  Next week we’ll start the construction of the small dog area, the office/reception area and the holding kennels to bring the dogs in and out of the main playroom. I’ve learned a lot about *flow* during our 3 remodels at the Downtown Location and hope to put a lot of these ideas into the build-out of the new place.

How will the dogs get out to the new play-yard?

We’ll put a door in.

The old bathrooms were functional but we really need to be able to see the dogs while we’re doing laundry, changing mop buckets, dishes etc.

….so those bathrooms had to go away.


Check back next week for more super fun construction updates – and maybe some news on some PLAY DATES later this month!




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