Ferndale Dog Of The Day, TOAD!

DSCF6231 DSCF6244Name: Toad

Age: 3 years old!

Breed: poodely pompom

Daycare Buddies: Arya, Hank, Delilah T AND Nehkole <3

Fun Facts: Toad had such a special day today. Normally he’s in Thunderdome with all the big dogs but whenever Nehkole the handler is here he likes to be where ever she is, which happened to be Toy Story today. He had so much fun reuniting with his old pal Delilah the dachshund! They played just like they used in the old building!

Also we’re not sure why Toad is glowing in the pictures from today. We just assume it’s because he’s a little angel<3

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