Daily Wellness Checks at Canine To Five

jill checks 3Did you know that every day you bring your dog to daycare, it gets a “Hands On Check” mid-afternoon by one of our dog handlers, most of whom are trained in Pet First Aid?

Why do we do these daily checks?  And what are we checking for?  It all started years ago when we’d send a dog home with a scratch on the belly or neck from playing with his daycare friends, and the owner would get really upset that we had not told them about it.  Mind you, these were not “battle wounds” they were small scrapes and scratches, that a dog might get from playing with another dog with sharp teeth and nails.  So we decided to do checks, so we could point out any scratches, etc. to owners. When we noticed it and explained it the owner would feel a lot better than if they found it later than night, it seemed.DSCF4253

So we started doing our daily checks, where we take 3 or 4 dogs into a large kennel at a time and give them a good once over, dog by dog.  And then we started noticing all sorts of things that the owners found useful, such as nails that needed to be trimmed, ears that needed to be cleaned, etc.

Our daily check has now grown to include the following:
HEAD– we check the ears, teeth and gums, eyes and the skull
BODY– we pat the entire body down, checking for lumps, scrapes, scratches, etc.
FEET– nails, paw pads, up the legs
Then a final check around the booty and down the TAIL

jill checks 2What are we seeing during these checks? A lot. We’ve noticed things such as ear infections, broken teeth, split nails, torn paw pads, rotting teeth, warts, eye infections, scabs, ticks, and once even a tumor that had to be removed in surgery!

We strive to be a lot more than just the “people who play with your dog all day” and we hope that things like our Daily Checks show you how important your dog is to us! Each time we notice something, we will let you know. Many things are just observations – things to keep in mind as your dog gets older.  Other things are easy fixes – we do nail trimming, paw pad shaves and ear cleaning at Canine To Five.DSCF4252


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