Canine To Five Ferndale Pack Leaders Share Our Wins!

A lot of people think we “pick up poop and play with puppies” all day. It’s so much more that than! All day, every day our Pack Leaders work to send home a better dog!

Each day we ask our Canine To Five – Ferndale Pack Leaders to let us know their “Wins” for the shift. We’d love to share some of those wins here with our dog owners…………….

Stacey: “Had quite a few shy/nervous dogs in with me today – made sure they all got a little extra attention and by the end, most were constantly following me around and building some confidence”

Alyssa: “For never giving up on Elliot and knowing how good of a dog he is and getting him to recall to me 100%. Also noticing a bond forming between Chance and I”

Melanie: “I worked so so hard with Harper M. today and her recall and focus is getting really great with me

Karlin: “Being able to enjoy Maxx come out of his shell a little and play with Kyna! Made me so proud!”

Amanda: “Did a lot of work with Daisy on sits and recall. Saw some progress. Worked on bonding with Hugo. Paid particular attention to getting my group focus on me individually and as a group”

Sam: “Was having some issues with Lilly, she wasn’t listening running around, I worked with her and she was coming to me when I called by the end of the day!”

Kelsey: “Making Bailey feel more comfortable at daycare, and getting him to play hardcore with Toby and Englebert – it was great to see a change

Amanda: Very impressed w/ Barry…checking in, good recall, sits, etc.. Impressed with Belle K, – barking less, sits are improving

Karlin: Being able to let Toy Story out and have them stay quiet while they’re in the back hall! Go Toy Story!

Melanie: Nahla was getting easily over stimulated today. So I wanted her to start checking in with me. We worked on sit and wait, okay in a kennel and in the playroom until she was checking in with me on her own.

Stacey: Whenever I’m in a playroom with Bailyn, I’ve been spending extra time working with her. I’m noticing a big improvement with her barking and anxiety. She’s playing now, still barks occasionally but clearly enjoys it much more here lately.

Becca: Not only did Jin somewhat respond to me recalling him (it’s an improvement) he also gave me kisses! It was adorable.

Nehkole: Today’s win was informing several owners about their dog’s behavior. It feels very rewarding to keep them updated honestly, whether the information is good of bad, they always appreciate it.

Red: Stanley coming up to me calmly and sitting in front of me without jumping.

Sarah: The dogs are learning to trust me because they recall almost every time.

Logan: Got Emmie to come on recall after a long morning of her ignoring her name. Hopper out and about in afternoon! Lots of love made him feel better

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