Special Canine to Five Spotlight: Soul Singer Dwele and his dog Rockstar

Tell us a bit about your dog, age, sex, breed, etc?

Rockstar is a male Bull Puggle, he’ll be 3 going on 33 on May 28th…old soul… If that’s possible in a dog.

How have you benefited from bringing your dog to Canine To Five?

Taking Rockstar to Canine To Five allows me to travel and stay on the road without having to worry about scrambling last minute trying to find someone to watch him.  It also allows me to rest when I get back in town because he’s usually completely worn out after!

How has your DOG benefited by coming to Canine To Five?

I think Rockstar benefits by learning how to play well with other dogs, different breeds, different sizes…and it’s a good work out for him, he can keep that physique that all of the girls love!

What’s your favorite place to take a dog walk in Detroit?

My favorite place to walk Rockstar is definitely the Riverwalk. It’s a good work out for me…and I can keep that physique that all the women love!

Tell us how you decided on your dog’s name?

This is my first pet, so I had no idea how to pick a name. I looked at him, and saw how everyone gravitated to him and loved him… Sort of like a rockstar. As he got older he started to develop this mascara look around his eyes, and I thought to myself, “I should’ve named him Prince!” but after he gave me the scare of a lifetime when he got into a bottle of pain pills, I knew I had the right name for him…Rockstar!

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