Canine To Five Customer Spotlight – Riley Mulheisen

Tell us a bit about your dog, age, sex, breed, etc?

Riley is a male, he’s about 8 months old. We got him from a rescue shelter in Michigan. We’re really not sure what breed he is. When we adopted him we were told he was a Chocolate Lab and a Vizsla. He’s only weighs about 25 pounds so I know that can’t be true. We paid for the dog DNA testing and the results came back mostly Beagle with some Boston Terrier and English Setter thrown in. He’s pretty small so the beagle makes sense. Who knows!

How have you benefited from bringing your dog to Canine To Five?

I live in Berkley and work in the Compuware building in Detroit so Canine to Five is on the way to work. The same time we got Riley is when I heard about Canine to Five. The prices are very reasonable for all services. It’s great to let Canine to Five know Riley needs a bath and pick him up fresh and clean at the end of the day.

How has your DOG benefited by coming to Canine To Five?

Riley really looks forward to Canine to Five for daycare. When I get his leash out in the morning he heads right for the car. Riley gets great socialization with other dogs. I don’t have to worry about him at all around our friends dogs. He gets so much exercise at daycare that I only need to walk him for training or on the weekends.

What’s your favorite place to take a dog walk in Detroit?

I’ve never walked Riley in the city. I bet Belle Isle would be nice though. We live in Berkley and like to walk him around the many parks in the city.

Tell us how you decided on your dog’s name?

The name Riley is of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning courageous. That being said, I have no idea why we named him Riley. My girlfriend picked the name. I think it fits him very well, I don’t know what else we could call him now.

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