Canine To Five Customer Spotlight – Nigel L.

1)Tell us a bit about your dog, age, sex, breed, etc?

Nigel is an energetic, 2 year old mutt whom we love dearly. His mom was a 45lb foxhound mix and (we’re assuming) his dad was a Bernese Mountain Dog, judging off of his 85lb build, coloring and obsession with snow. We (and several other kind souls) rescued him and his 13 siblings from a less than favorable household in Ruth, Michigan. Before we rescued him, I had NO idea that a female dog could be impregnated but multiple male dogs… Nigel’s mom was! That bitch was a champion. Some of his siblings looked like boxers, some looked like lab mixes, one looked like a beagle, it was one of the strangest things…

2)How have you benefited from bringing your dog to Canine To Five?

Since both my husband and I work in Midtown and poor Nigel is home alone ALL DAY LONG, we find it’s such a nice treat and good for his socialization to drop him off for a day of fun! He’s learned to absolutely love other dogs and is EXHAUSTED when he gets home. I love that he sleeps for two days after playing at Canine to Five. I love how he greets me when he sees me come to pick him up. And Lastly and just as importantly, I love supporting a real, Detroit business.

3)How has your DOG benefited by coming to Canine To Five?

Nigel is so well socialized. He is never apprehensive when meeting another dog, which has made walks that much easier. It also gives him something to look forward to and breaks up the lonely work week for him. If he sees me get his collar and leash out on a work morning, he knows exactly where he’s going and will follow me around the house until we leave. Sometimes I make the mistake of getting it out before I’ve finished getting ready and he’ll just sit in the bathroom, staring at me and occasionally letting out a cry as if he’s saying, “HURRY UP MOM.”

4)What’s your favorite place to take a dog walk in Detroit?

After living in midtown for a couple of years, my husband and I took advantage of the housing market and bought a pad in Grosse Pointe. Unfortunately, Nigel wasn’t around for our days in the Cooridor but, I’m sure he will enjoy Belle Isle and the Riverwalk come this spring!

5)Tell us how you decided on your dog’s name?

Have you ever seen Spinal Tap? ’nuff said.

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