Canine To Five Customer Spotlight – Betty Bacon and Murdoch

Amber is a web-guru at Quicken Loans, and started bringing her 2 fabulous mutts here when Quicken made the move downtown last fall.  We’ve enjoyed getting to know Amber and her dogs, and our hearts just sing every time we get to yell “BETTY BACON, STOP THAT!!!”

1)      Tell us a bit about your dog, age, sex, breed, etc?

We have 2 dogs. Betty Bacon is a 4-year old, female boxer. Murdoch is an almost 4-year old, male boston-terrier/pug mix (BUG!). We’ve had Betty Bacon since she was a puppy – so her behavior problems are all our fault. We got Murdoch from a friend who got him from craigslist but her dog was less than pleased so he came our way. Since we didn’t have him as a puppy his behavior problems are not our fault. However, we should probably get them both to a good behavior class at Canine To Five soon.

2)      How have you benefited from bringing your dog to Canine To Five?

It’s great having peace of mind when our dogs are at daycare. We know they are having fun and that they are well cared for. I also love seeing all the photos on flickr!

3)      How has your DOG benefited by coming to Canine To Five?

Betty & Murdoch LOVE going to daycare. If I pick up their collars they know exactly where they are going. We take them every week and they are so tired by the end of the day. You can tell that they absolutely love the opportunity to play with all the other dogs!

4)      What’s your favorite place to take a dog walk in Detroit?

We live in Ferndale, so unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to walk our dogs much in Detroit. However, this summer we hope to take them to Belle Isle and walk them around the Creekside neighborhood.

5)      Tell us how you decided on your dog’s name?

Murdoch came to us with his name and we like it so that’s good J My husband and I decided on Betty Bacon after arguing about her name for a while. I wanted to name her Bacon, he wanted to name her Betty. Sitting with our new puppy outside of the Dairy Queen, it hit me. I said, “Why don’t we name her Betty Bacon?” and it seemed obvious that was the best choice.

I would also like to note that we did not pose them in the attached photo. We walked in the living room and they were embracing on the couch and I almost died. They love each other.

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