Canine To Five 2013 Meal Plan Policy

The health and well being of your dog is our #1 priority at Canine to Five! Because feeding lunch to many dogs at once poses some challenges, it’s imperative we have a set Meal Plan Policy to ensure the safety and comfort of both your dog and the pack.

Meal Instructions:

If your dog or puppy meets the criteria below and is eligible for lunches while at Canine to Five, please follow these instructions carefully to help us ensure all dogs are fed correctly.

All food must be provided in a plastic bag clearly labeled with your dog’s name and measuring instructions for our staff. Pre-measured, single serving bags are also a great help.

Also, please know we do everything we can to meet your requests, however sometimes your dog knows best. If your dog refuses to eat after three attempts we will not be able to continue a lunch program for your dog.



Puppy Program Lunches: Your puppy is growing fast and needs that extra fuel for the day. That’s why all dogs in the Every Day Puppy Program will be fed lunch at 12 p.m.  At the beginning of each week, you can bring enough food for five days and we will happily store it at Canine to Five for your convenience. Due to limited space, we are unable to store anything more than one week of lunches per puppy at one time. Please follow the instructions above for lunch preparation and we’ll make sure your pup is refueled every day!

Dogs weighing 10lbs or under: Per owner’s discretion, we are able to serve owner-provided lunches to dogs weighing 10lbs and under. Please follow the instructions above for lunch preparation and clearly label the bag or container with your dog’s name.

NOT ELIGIBLE:  Dogs older than eight months of age or weighing more than 10lbs are not eligible for our daycare lunch program. If there is a medical reason why your dog must be served lunch, please have your Veterinarian contact us directly.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to speak to any of our managers during drop off or pick up, or by sending us an email.

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